Since 1989, Nakodas Group has kept its legacy to make people fall in love with their most delicious, healthy and natural products. Nakodas Group brings you the finest natural ingredients from all around the world to satisfy your heart with its delightful taste.

Nakodas group is a Leading manufacturer of Tutti Fruity (Diced Chelory) also called as “Papaya Preserve”, Karonda Cherries (Indian Cherries), Sweet lime peels, Orange Cut Peels, Sesame Seeds Hulled Auto dry, All Variety of Jams, Sauces, Spices, Chikkis (Fruity Bars), Pickles, Papads, Canned Vegetables and Frozen Fruits & Vegetables..

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Our Infrastructure

We have three existing Units in Nagpur i.e. Navkar Processors, Nakoda Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd., Parshva Food International. Basically Navkar Processors deals in Tutti Fruity, Cherries, Jams & Peels whereas Nakoda Fruit products Pvt. Ltd. Deals in all varieties of papads, pickles, Chikkis (Fruit Bars), Spices etc. and Parshva Food International deals in Canned Fruits & vegetables, Mango & Guava Pulps, Frozen Peas, Frozen Vegetables, Dehydrated vegetables etc.

Our Production

At Present Our each unit has a production capacity of 8 to 10 MT. per day for the varieties manufactured by us as mentioned above, the fruits (Raw-Materials) required such as Papaya, karonda, Amla, Mangoes, Guava etc are purchased directly from farmers with supervision power in their farms, so that we can maintain quality of our products.We maintain stringent quality control with utmost hygienic environment in our company, the process of manufacturing Samrat & Nakodas Brand products is looked after by experts food technologist in the state of Art Factory.

Our Exports & Domestic Markets

Since 1998 we are existing exporter of all above items in Middle East & European Countries. Our Company has around 80% export oriented business and rest is on domestic market of India. Our factory is situated in heart of Nagpur which is also known as the heart of India as it is located centrally to all the conveniences.Hence, we are very conveniently making supplies of the above products very promptly & regularly with less loss of time to the states of India. Our Major Clients are Ice-Cream Factories, Bakeries, Sweets & Namkeens Factories, Airline Companies, Railway Catering & Indian Military.

Our Import Business

Our Import Business is carried out by Parshvanath Overseas which imports Almond In shell, Pistachios, Irani Dates, Irani Saffron, and Spices from china, Vietnam & Indonesia and sells in domestic market as well as to our sister concerns for processing many other items.


Mr. Pravin Choudhary

(Managing Director)
Mr. Pravin Choudhary is Managing Director of the company basically belongs to agriculture based family. He is having degree of and L.L.B. and having good knowledge in agriculture activities; he has started his business activities in Import, Export, Processing & trading of Edible nuts and other bakery ingredients. With his innovative skills he has developed his processing plant having fully automated technology and made the expansion to make the competition in the challenging market.

Mr. Jayesh Choudhary

(Whole Time Director)
As having Degree of B.Com and because of versatile knowledge in the field, He has entered in the business since last 15 Years and established this unit with much reputation in the international market. By his innovative techniques and effective business strategies; Nakoda group is giving challenges to the competitors in the domestic and international Market.

Mrs. Kokila Jha

(Non-Executive Women Director)
Mrs. Kokila Ashok Jha is a Graduate and designated as Non-Executive Woman Director at Nakoda Group of Industries Limited.

Mr. Sandeep Jain

(Independent Director)
Mr. Sandeep Jain is Chartered Accountant by profession and designated in Nakoda group of industries limited as an Independent Director.

Mr. Hemraj Dekate

(Additional Executive Engineer)
Mr. Hemraj Dekate is a retired government officer from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited and was holding a postion of Additional Executive Engineer.

Mr. Dhyalal Prajapati

(Independent Director)
Mr. Dhyalal Prajapati is a Graduate and having expertise in Cash as well as Bank management system. His relevant experience is useful in running business and in day to day business transactions.

Mr. Hareshkumar Prashad

(Independent Director)
Mr. Hareshkumar Prashad is a Science Graduate and designated as the Non executive director in Nakoda Group of Industries Ltd. He is having more than 15 years of experience in the field of Factory operations & Production Management.

Ms. Sakshi Tiwari

(Chief Financial Officer)
Ms. Sakshi Tiwari is presently pursuing Chartered Accountant and having good experience in Accounts and Finance. She is associated with the Nakoda group since last 3 years as accounts Head and now she is currently working as Chief Financial Officer at Nakoda group of industries limited.

Mr. Sagar Darra

(Company Secretary)
Mr. Sagar Darra is an Associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). He has post qualification experience of around Two (2) years in Company Secretarial services with reputed companies.